Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.

—Albert Einstein

Experiencing love

Like when we were babies, we learn through what we experience. This is how love is. We know what love is when we feel love. We learn from those who we trust—who we know love us. Without knowing people love us, we cannot learn from them. Those who touch our lives deeply are those whose love we feel physically.

Learning who you are

Therapy is not just about love, but it is about who you are. It is a process of coming to know through your experience those things that you may know logically, but not emotionally, and not physically. It is about knowing who you are, accepting who you are, feeling love and compassion for yourself as you are, so you can be yourself—and go into the world successfully, as you are. And paradoxically, acceptance of yourself allows you to change as you want to be.

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