Group Psychotherapy

What is group therapy?

Group psychotherapy or group therapy is an effective form of mental health counseling. It consists of one or more therapists who work with a small group of clients together as a group, to work on their treatment goals. It has a number of advantages, which even individual counseling may not have. These include the opportunity to learn about yourself, become more healthy, and more effective in your life roles. In a therapeutic group environment there is the opportunity to learn and grow.

Learn about yourself

Group therapy is a powerful way to increase self awareness. According to the Johari Window, we all have our blind spots, hidden, known, and unknown parts of ourselves. Group therapy gives us an opportunity to learn about ourselves, how we come across, and things we may not know about ourselves. It also gives us an opportunity to experiment with sharing who we are with others and to experiment with being ourselves in authentic and empowering ways.

Increase interpersonal effectiveness

Group therapy has the potential to increase emotional awareness, emotional health, and helps to function more powerfully with others. In learning there can be opportunities to express emotions, work in the here-and-now, interact with group members as well as the group leader, and to take risks. These all can combine to make a magical and powerful experience – which is called group therapy.

If you are interested in joining a group, contact us to see what group therapy opportunities are currently available