Rebecca Kohler, MWS-i

Masters in Social Work Intern

A compassionate and effective therapist

Everyone faces challenges, and sometimes those challenges are too heavy to handle alone. I help people by providing a safe environment where they can share and process their feelings and experiences without judgment. Therapy is an opportunity to learn new ways of seeing the world, develop healthy thinking patterns and habits, and receive support along the way. It takes courage to share your struggles. I consider it a privilege to be a part of your journey to wellness.

Now is the time to heal your story. Struggle is a natural part of life. As we work together to identify your strengths, you will recognize how your struggles have made you strong and resilient. There is hope and healing ahead!

I work with clients struggling with anxiety and depression as they navigate life transitions, grief, low self-esteem, unmanageable stress, and trauma. I am continually learning and finding tools and resources to meet the needs of individual clients. I have experience working with adolescents, men, women, and couples.