Group Therapy for Therapists

Are you a mental health therapist? Are you interested in participating in a psychotherapy group?

About the group leader and group

This group will be lead by Paul Callister, CMHC. Paul completed his masters counseling program at the University of Utah in 2010. He currently works in private practice in Bountiful, Utah. Paul is a doctoral candidate in Counselor Education at Oregon State University.

Paul’s goals for conducting this group are (1) to add group therapy as an element of his clinical practice and (2) to support mental health therapists in the Utah community.

As part of Paul’s internship training, group sessions will be video recorded and reviewed in peer consultation and by the internship supervisor. After the project is completed, the recordings will be destroyed.

Group therapy approach

This will be a psychotherapy group. Here are some key elements to Paul’s approach. In this group, members will be invited to be open about their thoughts and feelings about themselves and about the group process. The level of intervention is on the group as a whole, not on the individual. When group members begin to talk directly to each other, express emotions, work in the here and now, and take risks, magic happens. The real power of the group is in the group.

The Johari Window is one way to think about the opportunities in group therapy. We all have different parts of ourselves. Some are known, some are known and hidden, and some are unknown. Group therapy allows us to work with all of these parts. Group therapy can meet both personal and professional goals. Group therapy can help with identity development, confidence, and interpersonal functioning. In short, group therapy has the potential to help and empower individuals.

Group Details

  • Platform: Zoom (secure and HIPPA-compliant)
  • Thursdays (weekly) at 11 AM, Mountain Time
  • Closed group. Once the group begins, members will not be added.
  • 90 minutes
  • Start date: January 7, 2021
  • 25+ sessions with the option to continue
  • Cost: $45 per session
  • Participants must reside and be present in Utah.
  • Group size: 5-8 members. If there is sufficient interest, more than one group will be considered.
  • Must be licensed or provisionally licensed as a mental health therapist in the State of Utah, or be in a graduate program to become a mental health therapist.
  • Screening: participants will be interviewed to assess appropriateness to the group.
  • Supervision: the group leader is currently being supervised in advanced group psychotherapy by faculty at OSU, and by consultants with advanced expertise in group treatment.

For questions or to be considered, email Paul Callister at

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