What is play therapy?

Play therapy is a type of counseling that specifically involves the use of play as a medium for therapeutic communication and self-expression. It is a form of therapy that is often used with children, as play is a natural and developmentally appropriate way for kids to communicate and process their thoughts and feelings. 

How does play therapy work?

Play therapy can be an effective treatment option for a wide range of issues that children may face, including social, emotional, and behavioral concerns. It can help children develop healthy coping skills, increase self-esteem, and improve communication and problem-solving abilities. Play therapy is also sometimes used to help children who have experienced trauma sort through their feelings and emotions that come with such experience. Not only is it helpful for the child, but play therapy can also be a helpful resource for parents, as it can provide them insight into their child’s thoughts and behaviors and offer new strategies for supporting their child.

Play therapy is developmentally appropriate

Play therapy has been shown to work for children as it is a simple way for them to communicate and express themselves. Words and language can be complex and make expression difficult for children. Being able to play in a safe and controlled environment with a therapist is a great and easy way for them to communicate and reflect. Playing is something that children understand, so it is a great medium for them that is developmentally appropriate.

Play therapy options

In Utah, there are several options for families seeking play therapy services. One resource is the Utah Play Therapy Association, which has a link to find a play therapist. Another such option is at Bountiful Counseling. We have a play therapy room and have hired a staff member who conducts play therapy, David Haralson, PhD, LMFT. He works with children to help them process and express their feelings through play and other creative activities. He also offers support and guidance to parents, helping them to understand their child’s needs and develop effective parenting strategies. Our goal is to help families, children, and individuals heal and grow, in the most effective way possible.

Children need effective help

Play therapy can be a valuable resource for children and families in Utah and beyond. It provides a safe and supportive environment in which children can explore their thoughts and feelings to learn healthy coping skills. For parents, therapy can offer insight and support as they navigate the challenges of raising children and work to create a positive and healthy family environment. Overall, play therapy can be an effective and valuable tool for promoting emotional well-being in children.