Expressing your Emotions

Expressing your emotions is something that you can do that will help you feel better emotionally, physically, and mentally. We all have feelings, and letting these feelings out makes us human, and helps us feel more regulated. It can also help us meet our needs and let others know how we feel. This can help us communicate more effectively and possibly improve our relationships with others. Expressing your feelings is the building block for more stability. 

It may be harder for some of us to express our emotions than it is for others. Some tips for expressing your emotions are: using positive self-talk, being a good listener, trying spirituality, practicing empathy, practicing forgiveness, practicing acceptance, practicing gratitude, trying new things, taking risks, being optimistic, and practicing mindfulness. For more information on these things, check out this article.

Ways to Express your Emotions

There are many ways you can express your emotions. Of course, expressing them verbally is one common and helpful way. Another option is to do so in writing, such as keeping a journal with your thoughts and emotions. Any other artistic expression is great too, such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and so on. Many people who use art or writing find the process to be therapeutic.

Emotional Expression and Children

Not only should we as adults be focusing on our own emotional expression, but helping children navigate this concept is important too. To help start children on the emotional expression journey, we can do a few things. First, we can make it a priority to teach children emotional expression vocabulary. They may not know how to say how they feel, so this is something we can help them learn. We can also make it a priority to model emotional expression for them, so they can see how it is done and learn from us. This can give them a deeper understanding of it and allow them to see it in practice. 

Emotional Expression and Relationships

Emotional expression is also vital for romantic relationships. If you are not telling your partner how you feel, this can lead to less intimacy and less happiness in the relationship. It can also lead to more resentment over time. Positive and negative emotions should both be expressed when needed, but it is important to do so in a kind and sympathetic way. You can always ask your partner to express how they are feeling, or ask them for help expressing your own emotions. Communication is key, and expressing your emotions can benefit from good communication.


Expressing how you feel is so important. By not expressing your feelings, you are more likely to feel a decrease in your mental, physical, and emotional health. You may also notice your relationships with others declining. Emotional expression is something that can help in all aspects of life, and can make life easier in the long run. If this is a newer concept for you, try it out and see what happens.