Couples Therapy

Get help to reduce conflict and increase emotional intimacy

Reduce conflict

Therapy for couples can help turn things around. The way we work is to assume that both people contribute to the conflicts in the relationship. We work with couples to first calm things down so safe dialogue can happen, then get to know the point of view of each person, work with each partner to help them to be able to listen and hear the pain in their partner, and address, unpack and heal the foundational, underlying difficulties.

Increase intimacy

Along with conflict reduction, we also address the underlying emotions and unmet needs, as well as attachment trauma when needed, to help each person find a place in the relationship, and to have their core needs met, including to know that they are accepted, to find a place with the other, as they are, and to know that the other will be there for them when they need it, to hold them tight. In this way we help couples to restructure their relationships and increase emotional intimacy.

We use the EFT model

We use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in our couples and relationship work. EFT is an effective and evidence based model for relationship, couples, and family work.

Get the help you need

Statistics have suggested that couples who are seeking therapy have on average been sitting on a therapy worthy issue for six years. If you are looking at this page, odds are you may have some long time challenges. The time may be right to start to address what’s going on in your relationship.