Family Therapy

Helping your family to get the healing you all need

Getting help for your family

Does your family need help? Do you have a unique challenge that family therapy may help? Family therapy can improve communication, strengthen family relationships, and help families work through the challenges they face. Through family therapy individuals can grow and mature, find belonging, heal, and become united.

Assumptions of family therapy

The following are some assumptions of family therapy

  • Everyone in the family is important
  • Any change in one person will impact everyone else
  • Some problems are not due to a particular member but to patterns between and within the family as a whole
  • Some long-term changes need to be made on the family level of intervention

Family therapy may be the overall or a part of the overall focus

Family work can be the overall focus of therapy and it may also be a part of your work. Therapy for children always involves parents, and work with teens can often be benefited by bringing in parents and parts of the family as well. Many families are able to use family therapy to help them work through specific challenges, including death, divorce, separation, reuniting, blending families, addiction or other problematic behavior in the family, or for other particular situations. Talk to your therapist about how much family therapy may help address your situation.

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