Group Therapy

Are you interesting in growth? Would you like to participate in group therapy with other adults?

What is group therapy?

Group therapy is mental health counseling that occurs within a group setting. Whereas individual counseling occurs one-on-one with a therapist, group therapy occurs with a group of clients who all meet together with a therapists. While individual counseling can be a powerful and effective modality, group therapy has of number of potential advantages as well as risks compared to individual therapy.

How does group therapy work?

The Johari Window is one way to think about the opportunities in group therapy. We all have different parts of ourselves. Some are known, some are known and hidden, and some are unknown. Group therapy allows us to work with all of these parts. Group therapy can meet both personal and professional goals. Group therapy can help with identity development, confidence, and interpersonal functioning. In short, group therapy has the potential to help and empower individuals.

About the group therapist

These adult psychotherapy groups are led by Paul Callister, PhD, CMHC. These groups are for adults who are interested in personal and interpersonal growth. The purpose of this group is to provide effective group therapy for adult individuals in the local community.


For questions or to be considered, email Paul Callister at or schedule a free phone consultation with Paul at the link below.

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