Emotional Responsiveness is what couples need

Emotion Focused Couples (EFT) Couples therapy is about getting responsive to each other. We turn toward each other, we can hear each other, know each other, love each other. Having the other tune toward us allows us to be taken in, to be emotionally present, allows us to feel loved, to be loved. This allows us to be ourselves. If we can both do this for each other we will be members of united couples, empowered to face all of the challenges of life–big to small. What a wonderful life to have a companion to whom we can be emotionally responsive and who can be emotionally responsive to us.

Helps to “be one” to survive AND thrive

This helps not only when things are going well, but through the ups and downs of life. Getting married, having children, postpartum depression, children having challenges, the marriage itself being challenged are all things that can injure and sink relationships. Mutual emotional responsivity enables couples and individuals to survive AND to thrive.

You can improve your life and relationship quality

Emotional responsiveness is a skill that can be learned. Therapy is one way to learn and develop that life skill. It may improve the quality of your life. Contact a couples therapist to consider how Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) can help with emotional responsiveness in your life.