Couples Therapy or Individual Therapy?

Should I do individual or couples therapy? How should I choose?

When looking for therapy, how can you tell which type of therapy is right for you? Many people struggle with mental health related issues, as well as relationship issues with their partner. This makes it tough to choose couples counseling, or individual therapy. We want to make the choice that will benefit us the most in the long run. There may also be financial limitations barring the option to do both.

Individual therapy

Individual therapy is a therapeutic process between a client and a licensed mental health professional. The goal of individual therapy is to help the person work through their emotional, psychological, or behavioral issues, and to improve their overall well-being. The therapy focuses on the thoughts, feelings, experiences, and behaviors of the individual, and provides them with a supportive and non-judgemental environment. This allows them to gain insight and perspective.

Couples therapy

Couples therapy, on the other hand, is a type of therapy that helps couples improve their relationships and resolve conflicts. This therapy is conducted by a licensed therapist who specializes in relationships and couples work. In couples therapy, both partners work together to address the issues in their relationship by learning to communicate and problem-solve. Couples counseling helps the couple to understand each other’s perspective and feelings, and helps them find common ground and solutions to their problems. It also helps them connect emotionally.

How do they compare?

The key difference between individual therapy and couples therapy is the main focus of the therapy. Individual therapy focuses on the individual’s personal issues and experiences, while couples therapy focuses on the relationship between the partners. Also, couples counseling involves both partners, whereas individual counseling is only focused on one person. In individual therapy the person is the client, whereas in couples therapy the couple is the client. The goal of individual therapy is for the client to gain insight. The focus of couples therapy is to help the couple resolve conflicts and improve their relationship with each other.

So, Which Should I Pick?

The best thing you can do when choosing which type of therapy to start is to pick the one that feels right for you. If you don’t feel like you are struggling with your mental health, then couples therapy might be the best choice for you. If your relationship feels like it is okay, but you yourself need more support, consider trying individual therapy. If you are struggling with both kinds of issues, you may want to consider trying a combinationboth types of therapy. Some people find it works best for them to go to individual therapy on their own, and then go see a couples therapist with their partner. This is fine to do, and your therapist may even suggest this for you and your situation. Pick the one that feels most applicable to you, and then if you aren’t seeing the improvements you want to see, you can make an adjustmenttry something else. This is your therapy journey.