Adult Therapy Process Groups

Are you an adult and interested in a group therapy experience?

Details of the groups

These groups are for adults who want to have a group therapy experience. These groups will help you know yourself better and will help you improve your personal, professional, and family relationships. Here are details for the therapy group for adults:

  • Platform: Zoom (secure and HIPPA-compliant)
  • Days and time: varying days and times
  • Group members: 4-8 persons
  • Ages: must be 18 or older
  • Cost: $45 per session. Insurance not accepted for these groups.
  • A screening meeting with the group leader occurs before joining to make sure it is a good fit and to answer questions.

These are interpersonal process groups and the main expectations of group members are (1) to put into words your thoughts and feelings and (2) to take an approximately equal portion of the total group time. Most, if not all, topics are fair game in this group. While the topics can be diverse, when group members share their thoughts and feelings the group tends to have a group magic that happens and group members tend to get the help they are looking for.

Contact us for questions or to join

For questions or to join a group, email Paul Callister, PhD, CMHC at [email protected].

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