Group Therapy in Utah

Try group therapy. It is an effective form of counseling.

What is group therapy?

Group therapy is counseling that occurs with more than one client and is led by an experienced therapist. Group therapy has good research outcomes and the type of group at Bountiful Counseling is called an interpersonal process group. The multiple people present constitute the group of group therapy, which makes for a rich and supportive therapeutic environment to help you get the help that you want. And with a small group of approximately 4-8 people, it is still a private and personal setting in which to work on the big and small therapeutic issues you want to address.

Is group therapy for me?

Do you want to work on issues such as confidence, belonging, social anxiety, and social blocks? Anxiety, depression, personality disorders, or trauma? Procrastination, perfectionism, religious, sexual, or identity issues? If so, group therapy may be a good option for you. Additionally, group therapy can be cost effective.

How do people say it helps?

People in group therapy sometimes tell new members that it will change their lives in good and unexpected ways. Group members have described that it helps with confidence, self-esteem, identity development, mental health, emotional health, emotional maturity, personal functioning, and with family and friend relationships. Group participants have also reported it to help with depression, anxiety, and trauma issues.

What do I do in my first group?

First, TRY TO RELAX. Joining a group is intimidating for most people, but it is usually easier than it seems. Group is a safe and therapeutic setting lead by an experienced and trained group leader. It can seem overwhelming at first, but that is how it is for everyone. So, in your first few groups I hope you can try to relax as much as possible and try to start to enjoy yourself.

Second, just talk, and TALK ABOUT ANYTHING. The main idea is to put into words your thoughts and feelings, whatever they are. Sometimes in the first group it can be helpful to just say what your thoughts and feelings were on your way to your first group. It is that easy. The most important thing is just to talk, and to take an approximately equal portion of the group, along with the others. Remember, they are nervous and human too.

The magic of group work

As group members start to feel comfortable just talking openly, the magic of the group process starts to happen. As people start to be real with each other, with out pressure to over or under preform, people start to relate to each other, feel comfortable being together, and start to feel comfortable taking up space. As this starts to happen, people are able to start to experiment with being themselves, which is the beginning of getting help.

Two groups at Bountiful Counseling

There are currently two group opportunities. Click the links for more info:

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