Play therapy

Do you have children with emotional and behavioral difficulties? Play therapy may help.

What is play therapy?

Play therapy is a powerful modality that is used to help children in a therapeutic setting. It involves using play processes and is based in theory and experience. Research has shown that it can be an effective modality for helping young and middle aged children.

Who play therapy is for

Play therapy is for children with emotional, relational, and behavioral problems. Children who are referred to play therapy may have problems at school or at home, and may have depression, anxiety, or social skills challenges or difficulty with emotion regulation. As well, children who are working through issues such as divorce, death, or another loss also benefit from play therapy.

What play therapy helps

Play therapy helps children get the help they need:

  • Supportive environment for growth
  • Improved regulation of emotions
  • Increased ability to communicate feelings
  • Promotes cognitive development
  • Increased distress tolerance
  • Helps to modify behavior
  • Strengthens relationships with family and others