Specialized Services

We provide specialized, compassionate care for you, your loved one, or family. Contact us to discuss what you want from therapy and how therapy might be helpful for you.


Play therapy

Play therapy is an effective form of therapy for children. It honors the developmental level of the child and helps children with emotional and behavioral problems to work through their problems and strengthen family and other relationships.


Individual therapy

Individual therapy provides a confidential and compassionate space for you to work through the things that bother you with a licensed and experienced therapist. It can help with issues including depression, anxiety, PTSD, relationship problems and self-esteem.


Couples therapy

The goal of couples therapy is to increase emotional intimacy with your partner or spouse. Our therapists use the Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) model for couples counseling to help couples work through problems and improve their relationships.


Family therapy

Does your family need help? Do you have a unique challenge that family therapy may help? Family therapy can improve communication, strengthen family relationships, and to work through challenges that families face. Through family therapy individuals can grow and mature, find belonging, heal, and grow together.


Group therapy

Group therapy is lead by an experienced and trained mental health therapist. Group therapy is an effective form of therapy and helps with things including depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and relationship difficulties. It also increases confidence and self understanding. This group meets in person.


Therapist group

Group therapy for mental health therapists allows therapists to participate in group therapy in a setting that avoids potential clients. Therapists are also people and can also benefit from group therapy. We offer two therapist groups and these groups meet weekly by zoom.