Counseling Can Help…First Responders

First responders include police/law enforcement officers, paramedics and EMTs, fire fighters, correctional officers and others

The things first responders experience impacts them. If you are in this category you already know this. First responders die sooner that others, on average. Rates of general stress, alcoholism and other drug use, divorce, heart disease and other chronic health problems are all higher for these groups. People who retire in these public service fields who retire have fewer years left to live than the general population. This is because many do not seek help with the burdens they carry form their often toxic workplace.

Getting help can make a world of difference

Getting help with the things you want to deal with can make a world of difference in your mental and physical health. It can also make a big difference in the life of your family. Peace and relief are possible. Treatment for PTSD is effective.