Stephanie Sonntag, MSMHC, ACMHC

Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Creating space for you

I am a new counselor and am excited to be working in the Bountiful and Davis County area. I believe that there is always hope and that counseling can make a difference. I believe that counseling can help you explore difficult issues, find ways to decrease suffering, and increase feelings of well-being and connection.

Approach and who I work with

I have a masters in mental health counseling from Westminster College, which program I completed in 2021. I work with adults and adolescents with anxiety, depression, and a range of other issues, including OCD and bipolar disorder. I specialize in postpartum and women’s issues and use a variety of therapies depending on your needs and strengths, including EMDR, trauma-informed, and mindfulness therapy.

Hope, courage, and connection

Congratulations on considering counseling. If you choose to start therapy with me my first goal will be to understand who you are, what brings you into counseling, and what you want. After that my second goal is to create a safe and therapeutic relationship in which you can claim, write, and rewrite your story. Starting or restarting therapy is a courageous act and can lead to hope,  connection, and healing.

Stephanie Sonntag